Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Well, if you haven't heard of Lago Atitlan before, don't be surprised because I hadn't either until 2 weeks ago. A few of my coworkers decided to go to the lake two weeks ago, and had an AMAZING time. So much that they decided to go back this past weekend. The lake was SO much fun and soooo relaxing, which was exactly what I needed.

We took a chicken bus down to a town called Panajachel (better known as Pana), and took a water taxi across the lake to San Pedro la Laguna. We stayed at the AWESOME hostel, Zoola, which had amazing food and looks so cool.

                                                                       Inside the hostel
                                                                   View from the hostel
                                                                     Same view

Basicallyyyy, my weekend consisted of stuffing my face with some of the best veggie/organic food I've ever had and relaxing. Oh, I also did a hike up Indian Nose (one of the small mountains) at 3AM to see the sun rise. Best weekend ever.

                                                              Such a beautiful view
                                                                Good Morning!

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